We deal with the aspects of
professional IT Services

Forensics Investigation
Cyforce Specialises in Mobile, Computer, Internet and all Digital Forensics related activity.
Techno Legal Services
We provide techno-legal services to the corporates & industries in collaboration with legal firms of high repute.
Risk Management & Fraud Prevention
Our practices provide access to deep detection & prevention capabilities.

Welcome to Cyforce Pvt Ltd

As marketers state “Data is the New Gold”, Cyforce Pvt Ltd vows to protect this modern-day gold at all times. With soaring cases of data leaks in private and public sectors around the world, Cyforce ensures to provide impenetrable cyber security with unique tools and services.
Gap analysis and Threat assessment: Gap analysis is the process of evaluating the existing state of a system, process, or organization and identifying areas where improvements are needed. In cybersecurity, it involves comparing current security practices against industry standards and regulatory requirements to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
Threat assessment is a systematic evaluation of potential risks and threats to an organization's information systems and assets. It helps identify and analyze various threats, such as cyberattacks or data breaches, and assess their potential impact on the organization.
Cyber Business continuity process: • Cyber business continuity process refers to a system of procedures, policies, and techniques that enable an organization to continue its essential functions and operations during and after a cyber attack or other disruptive event.
Cyber Forensics
Cyber Forensics involves the investigations of computer-related crimes by providing electronic evidence to support the criminal prosecution of this electronic facilitated crime.
Risk Management & Fraud Prevention
Cyforce has decades of expertise in the field of Threat Risk Assessments and Security Audits which has helped individuals and businesses across the globe. Our Risk Management & Fraud Prevention service assists in the prevention of any data or information breaches.

Meet The Leaders

Directors of Cyforce Pvt Ltd
Dr. Makarand Wagh
Founder & Director
Dr. Santosh Wagh
Founder & Director
Vice President
Mr. Jack (P.P)
Vice President

Complete protection of all your data

We at Cyforce Private Limited secure and manage your data at all times; The Past, The Present, and The Future.
Cyber Fraud Investigation
Fraud Investigation and assisting any type of fraud investigation where digital forensics is must.
Data Recovery
Forensic data recovery is a process to retrieve data that will be used for legal purposes.

We Are ISO Certified!

Over the years, cyforce has achieved the status of indias leading digital forensic firm.