Audio Visual Forensics

Audio Visual Forensics Services by Cyforce

Specialists in the analysis and enhancement of audio and visual digital evidence can be critical to the outcome of a criminal or civil case.
CCTV networks and sophisticated mobile phones and cameras have the ability to capture the world around us, however, in its native format footage is often so badly distorted that it is useless or lacks impact. CYFORCE offers a complete enhancement service to ensure you get the most from your evidence. Our audio visual forensic suite allows us to work from a variety of media to the highest possible standards.

Digital Forensic Processes

Dialogue enhancement & transcription CCTV enhancement, de-multiplexing & frame averaging video level adjustments We can extract footage from CCTV systems, VHS tapes, mobile phones, cameras and dictaphones using our computer forensic and mobile phone laboratories. CYFORCE analysts can then work with your footage to improve it to an optimum level so that it can be presented in a clear and understandable form.

Phonetic Disclosure

In our increasingly litigious environment, the ability to search and disclose electronically stored information (ESI) is commonplace. Audio is often not considered in litigation, disputes or forensic data searches and may contain valuable information. As with the eDisclosure process followed for more traditional forms of ESI, tools are now available to automate the process, review and analysis of audio recordings. CYFORCE’s speech technology can accurately conduct complex searches for keywords or phrases and reduce the time and resources needed to analyse audio recordings. Features include iterative search, file-based tagging and dataset filtering.

Video Forensic Investigations

The proliferation of CCTV equipment on virtually every street corner, outside many businesses premises and even fitted to many domestic properties, has created an increase in the amount of audio and video evidence available for examination. Evidence of this nature is heavily relied upon in court but often needs enhancing to ensure that it is clearly presented. CYFORCE’s experienced video analysis team uses state of the art equipment to enable the following:

  • CCTV and Video Footage Enhancement
  • Demultiplexing
  • Footage Restoration
  • Visual Authentication
  • Tampering Investigations
  • Enhancement & Speed Correction
  • Highlighting & Pixilation
  • Format Conversion
  • DVD Compilation
  • Subtitling

Audio Forensic Investigations

Audio can be recorded on an increasingly diverse range of digital devices including mobile phones, Dictaphones, covert recording devices, cameras and laptops. Such audio in its native format is often distorted and would be useless or lack impact. CYFORCE offer a full range of audio investigative services provided at the highest possible standard:

  • Dialogue Enhancement
  • Audio Transcription Services
  • Audio Authentication
  • Tampering Investigations
  • Audio Enhancement