About Dr. Santosh Wagh

Santosh Wagh
15 Years of Cyber security Experience

Meet Dr. Santosh Wagh

Director of Cyforce

Dr. Santosh J. Wagh is B.E., B.A., LL.B. and Ph.D. He has served to Mumbai Police, Maharashtra Police for more than 14 years. He was a key member of the team of Maharashtra Cyber Security Project for the development of an integrated cybersecurity environment for the state through Maharashtra Computer Emergency Response Team, Predictive Policing Solution, and setting up of Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity. He has worked in the economic offenses wing of Mumbai police and investigated many sensitive cases. As a police officer, he has expertise and experience in maintaining law and order; ensuring prevention and detection of crime, and investigating and supervising serious cybercrimes and economic offenses. He has led the capacity-building efforts for cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation for Maharashtra police through long-term training programs. He is working on preventing online exploitation children and women in cyberspace through initiatives like Operation Blackface and the Cyber Safe Woman campaign.

Key Skills

As a passion, he has been training Police officers, Professors, Lawyers & Judges across India After completing Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University Dr. Santosh Wagh joined Maharashtra Police as a Police officer. Served more than 14 years to Mumbai and Maharashtra Police. Santosh Wagh has worked on numerous Cybercrime investigation cases. Along with that, Santosh Wagh has detailed knowledge of wireless technology and he worked on Tetra wireless communication projects for Western Railways, Mono Rail, Nagpur Metro, Mumbai Metro.

Special Accolades

He has worked on specialized wireless technology-based solutions and supplied solutions to Industries like TATA, SKF, GODREJ, BAJAJ. He has exact technical knowledge of working on digital evidence with internationally accepted tools, software & firmware which is the backbone of every case. He has an experienced team of expert forensic officers who worked for the government cyber forensic laboratory. With Technical Knowledge of defence-related equipments used in army, paramilitary, Police, he has good contacts with many OEMs who are manufacturer of world class defence-related equipment who are supplying their equipment and products to Indian as well as international Defence, Paramilitary, Police forces.