About Dr. Makarand Wagh

Makarand Wagh
15 Years of Cyber security Experience

Meet Dr. Makarand Wagh

Director of Cyforce

The Wagh brothers, founders of this venture, bring a unique combination of expertise to the table. With backgrounds in electronic engineering, postgraduate management degrees, and prior experience in law enforcement, they offer a diverse skill set that sets them apart. They have acquired PhD in Cyber, demonstrating their commitment to staying at the forefront of their field.
▪ Beginning with their education as electronic engineers. After joining the law enforcement agency. They have also earned their LLB. trained in Germany, Israel, and the US degree, further expanding their knowledge and skill set.
▪ Investigated more than 5000 incidents of digital data theft in research organizations, IT corporations, and governmental organizations.
▪ They have collaborated with large industrial facilities to protect RF-based and IoT-based wireless devices and networks. 4.0 industry.
▪ Due to their extensive experience in providing more than 1000 plus cybercrime awareness trainings in both the private and government sectors they have been appointed by the Government of India as an expert in cyber project on the panel of National Human Rights Commission.
▪ They have successfully finished their training with the Ministry of Defense, the Government of India, and DRDO (Defense Research & Development Organization).
▪ They have gained experience working with multinational companies across the globe.
▪ As lifetime members of the Association of Fraud Examiner, the Wagh brothers have access to the world's largest anti-fraud organization, which offers premier training, education, and certification in the USA.

Their areas of expertise are:-

• Digital / Cyber Forensic Investigation.
• Techno- Legal services.
• Fraud Risk Management.
• Cyber Security solutions.
• Cyber & Hi-Tech Crime awareness and prevention Training.