Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment (ECA) Services by Cyforce

Why waste time reviewing data that isn’t relevant to your review? Our Early Case Assessment tool provides clients with a clear understanding of key facts within a large data set during the eDisclosure process.
Understanding the key facts within a large data set can be one of the biggest obstacles within litigation. Our ECA tool is a powerful review platform that dramatically reduces the time involved in reviewing an excessive number of documents allowing you to understand the key facts and elements within a large data set and provide visibility into the data prior to processing. Cyforce drives the pre-processing stage with input from the legal team regarding the salient points and legal requirements of the case. Undertaking ECA at this phase of the electronic disclosure process prior to indexing, can significantly reduce data volumes and keep costs under control and proportionate.

Early Case Assessment can rapidly determine the significance of a case:

The process requires documents to be presented by a custodian. Timeline, file type and understandable metrics reports will be generated as per the requirement. ECA also confirms whether all relevant case data has been collected and allows an accurate estimation of eDisclosure budgets and timelines.

  • Cluster documents together using keywords and concepts.
  • Filter and remove known files types such as Operating systems.
  • Prioritise documents and disregard duplicates/near duplicates.
  • Tackle vast amounts of data by searching, analysing and modelling documents.
  • Produce reports in seconds to give detailed insight into the data.
  • Allow informed decisions to be made on future review/case costs.