Solutions For Ecommerce Issues By Cyforce

Ecommerce issues involve, e-commerce site development, its advertising, electronic transactions, money transactions and many other legal issues, which need to be taken into account step by step. Before developing an e-commerce site a registered domain and a registered trademark should be established. There must be some copyright protection on the site. The business must ensure that it displays the terms and conditions/policies within its site. Security involving the privacy of a user's data is always one of the main concerns while doing business online. Defining rules and regulations for the advertisement of the site by placing banners on other known sites is another. The colonisation of cyberspace is both technology and opportunity driven. Indeed technology is at the same time both a threat as well as a solution, because on the one hand it challenges existing legal and regulatory infrastructures and yet offers the solution to many of those threats, including security, integrity and authenticity. It is of great value when dealing with such complex issues to consult a cyber law specialist who specializes in the issues of cyberspace.

Lawyers with Cyforce Pvt Ltd have consulted clients from the earlier Dot Com age till date and have varied experience of ecommerce related issues and also the accounts related matters around it. We consult right from designing of an ecommerce site to tying up with payment gateways and hosting all legal notifications on the site. We also take care of technical, legal & compliance issues with respect to business in the wired world across international boundaries.

Ecommerce Issues Solutions Services