Corporate Fraud Investigations & Assessments Services

Corporate Fraud Investigations & Assessments Services by Cyforce

Our corporate investigations practice helps organizations in business assurance, in the matters of corporate fraud allegations including kickbacks or financial mismanagement, and more.

We help organizations in:

  • Fraud risk assessment and management
  • Fraud investigation
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support
  • Anti-money laundering & known your vendors & clients services
  • Organisation structure, personal policies & internal control analysis

Investigation methodology:

Profile the suspect

  • Desktop and database searches
  • Corporate and social media searches
  • Internal and external inquiries
  • Site visits

Understand control gaps

  • Detailed review of process
  • Data mining and analysis

Investigate the findings of process review

  • Internal and external inquiries
  • Review of additional records such as CCTV footage, security records etc.
  • Computer forensic, undercover operation, surveillance

Interview the suspects and witnesses

  • Preparation of questions
  • Interview
  • Testimony of witness and confession of the fraudster